UPDATE: Instagram has taken on Facebook’s business profiles and boosted post concept

Posted by Kerry Fitzgibbon

Instagram is starting to look very similar to Facebook business.unnamed

With their new update announced this week, Instagram are now bringing in business profiles and boosted post concept to their app. This update is potentially going to bring an advantage to businesses all over the world.

Instagram are now saying that you will be able to pay for a certain post to be boosted to bring more attention to your page, does this sound familiar?

If you have a Facebook business page then I’m sure you know that you can boost a popular post, if not see how to do one on my video here: https://socialmediaplusone.com/sales-without-spending/repurposing-popular-post/

But imagine how great it will be to boost a post on Instagram, this update could potentially help your business get to a new audience through this new update.

The benefit of having the boosted post option is that Instagram will eventually change the way users see their news feed, it will be similar to Facebook with the more related and popular posts appearing first. So by boosting your post, there will be more of a chance of your post being seen than not. Plus they will be adding in an analytics feature where you can look and monitor how well your boosted posts are going.

Although, the purpose of boosting your post isn’t just to get in front of existing users but to promote to new ones, according to James Quarles.

The second new feature that Instagram has announced is the business profile. You will now be able to identify the difference between a regular ‘personal profile’ and a ‘business profile’. The business profile will now have a button that allows you to contact them, the “contact us” button will be located next to the page’s “follow” button. This will be great as people will now be able to contact a business directly from their Instagram page, just like Facebook.

There are talks that this new Instagram update will come into play during June 2016. So when you see it, go try it out and I would love to hear how you find it and whether it benefits your business.