Promote Your Services with Facebook – New Feature

Posted by Kerry Fitzgibbon

Do you have a service to sell?

But don’t know where to promote it?

Well you will love Facebook’s latest addition, that’s right a Service Tab! No matter what service you are selling, you can now use this feature to generate more leads.

By going to your Facebook business page you can add a service by clicking on the service tab below your timeline.

Now if your page is in the ‘Local Business’ category than the service tab option should be available, otherwise if you want to add services and are not a local business then you will need to play around with the categories in your pages setting until you find one that is relevant to the business and allows you to add services.

Keep in mind when changing categories the ‘About’ section of your page may change, so you may possibly have to add in the business address, website etc.


When selecting the service button this will bring up the service tab where you will be able to add your services. In this tab customers will also be able to see your business address, phone number and website link on the left hand column.


It’s important when adding services to consider the order you put them in, as you cannot rearrange them. The first service you enter will be on the bottom of the list and the last service you enter will be at the top. This is important to keep in mind as the last three services that you put in will be the three that appear on your F^3B6349DBA53655C485C216DAAA03330A25CEFA8E2C49D85479^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrB page timeline.

To add a service you just click on the blue button ‘add a service’ which will then let you add a name, price, description and image, keep in mind there is a 200 word description limit.
If you make a mistake and want to delete or edit a service you’ve just added, don’t panic just click the drop down arrow next to the service name.


Just note that on the left hand side there is a publish button, so if your published button is switched off (grey) then no one will be able to see your services, until you then decide to switch them on.

Once you have decided to publish your services the first three will appear at the top of your business page timeline. Keep in mind the text strip shortens, so make sure you catch your potential customer’s eye in that first sentence.

Unfortunately the service tab doesn’t yet let you have a ‘purchase’ or ‘call to action’ button in each service, like the ‘Shop’ tab does. The only option to get the customers to purchase a service is by making sure your details are in the left side tab and/or also having a ‘call to action’ for a particular service in the cover photo of your business page.


In the ‘Shop’ tab on Facebook it doesn’t allow you to do the following but at the moment there are no specific Facebook terms in their terms and conditions that say this can’t be done in the ‘Services’ tab.

That is, replacing your cost for the service with your direct phone number that the customer could reach you on if they were interested, wanted to buy or had any questions about the service.


If your business doesn’t have multiple services to sell and is just focused on one particular service, for example you offered a tutoring service, you could add each particular service individually, ie.
English tutoring for -1hr
Maths tutoring for – 1hr
Science tutoring for – 1hr

And so on, by having this you are making it more specific and making the most of your service tab.

As you can see from this new feature there isn’t really much that you can do wrong. So if you’re a business offering a service, just experiment with all the different features until you find the best one for you and the one that will generate the most leads for your business.

In this video I will show how to set up the Facebook Service Tab.