New Features in Facebook Messenger open the doors to more deals being closed on Facebook!

Posted by Kerry Fitzgibbon

Facebook Messenger Icon
Facebook has just rolled out some exciting new features to really help the interaction between a business page and its clients. Some of these new features will help speed up the buying process as it makes it easier for clients to ask questions and get quick answers before they purchase.

Here is a list of some of the new features and how they might benefit your business:
1: New Messenger Codes

These are a little like a QR code. A business can feature its unique messenger code online, on its promotional material or around its store. This allows people to easily scan the code to send a message to the business.

Try it yourself:

Open the messenger app on your smartphone.
smartphone page


2. Open the people tab in your messenger app, (you will find it in the 4 tabs at the bottom)

messenger inbox

3. Tap the Scan Code button (which you will find at the top of the screen)

scan code

4. The camera will then come up where you can go on and scan a business/users code.

scan code camera

5. If you click the bottom left button you will be able to access your camera roll, this is where you can then upload any messenger code that you may have saved previously.

scan code camera

6. When you scan a messenger code then you will be able to instantly access private message to that business/user, like so… Now you know how to use this new feature, go try it out for yourself!

open message

2. Promote Messenger Codes To Your Customers

With this new feature you can promote your messenger code by posting it on your Facebook Page, this way customers can use it to message you instantly. You can access your own messenger code on a desktop…

Go into your messages on your business Facebook page and hit this small button down the bottom.

promoting a messenger code

You will then have the following step come up where you can download it to your computer… that is where you can then upload the image to your Facebook page and users can immediately take or save a photo and message you right away! This could be very beneficial in speeding up the online buying process. If someone has a question about purchasing from you they can immediately get their questions answered, especially if you integrate some of the exciting new developer API auto-replies – speaking of…

3. How to set up an auto-reply

A messenger greeting is what is sent to users the first time they message you. Although if you use business manager it will give you the option to make the message more personal, that’s including their first and last name, website url, when they can expect a reply etc.

Below are the following steps to setting up auto responders in 3 areas:

Go into settings on your business page and click on the messaging tab.

setting up auto replies

2. Then scroll down where it will give you three different options where you can turn on different auto-responders.

setting up auto replies

3. Then just switch on the ones you want and type your desired message.

setting up auto replies

It’s that simple! By having these auto responders customers will feel more connected and know that they can rely on you to reply to them in a short time.

If you are looking at a more sophisticated system of auto-replying, Facebook has introduced their own API allowing you to configure replies based on keyword or phrases your users may commonly ask. See this example below:


These three new updates from Facebook Messenger will help improve customer service and building relationships with your customers. Now go ahead and try them out yourself!