Google+ Post Ads – How Business Can Benefit From Social SEO

Posted by Kerry Fitzgibbon

Google has just added another feature to its Google+ tool belt to move social interaction deeper into Search Engine Optimization.

Google has just launched Google+ Post Ads that allow a Google+ post to appear on the Google Display Network, which is made up of over two million+ websites that have Google AdSense!

This pretty much opens up the entire Google network to Google+ brand pages in a way that will have huge positive spin-offs for businesses that have integrated Google+ into their overall marketing plan.

With +Post ads, the content and engagement that you’re already building on Google+ can be promoted across the web. Drive a larger audience to your posts, videos, and Hangouts (limited availability), and watch the interaction with your business grow.”  Google

Public posts inside Google+ have always been searchable and picked up by the Google search engine to appear in search results outside of Google+.  This is great if you have taken the time to build up your own personal network and/ or a highly engaging brand page or community, however you are at the mercy of the Google Algorithm so not all of your posts will get found. Don’t get me wrong, it’s well worth doing this organically because some will be picked up and indexed into the search.

However, this new feature now means that Google+ brand pages can advertise their posts across the Google Display Network. Because these ads are fully interactive, a person who is logged into their Google account can +1 (like), comment or even share the “Ad” and others can see this interaction in real time.  What this means is that you can choose the post, placement of the post and who you would like to see it across the entire Google Display Network – very powerful stuff indeed.

Ads in the Google Display Network can be matched to websites, mobile phone apps, blogs, YouTube channels, news pages and the list goes on – basically you have access to 90% of internet users over the Display Network.  You can reach users by targeting specific keywords and topics, or choose specific sites or pages or find users who are already interested in what you have to offer.

So with social proof and peer recommendation being strong influences on peoples buying behavior, Google+ Post Ads can help with connectivity and trust in brands utilizing the power of post ads.

In order to access Google+ Post Ad feature you have to have a Google+ Brand page with more than 1000 followers and a Google Ad Account.

Pic courtesy of Google
Pic courtesy of Google

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