CASE STUDY: 57 Sales in 6-Days from a test!

Posted by Kerry Fitzgibbon

I thought I’d share with you the results I get with my online¬†business Marathon Girl.

There’s a couple of reasons I’m doing this. I hope to be transparent, inspire and show you what you can do when you do FB right!

So, here’s the situation: I held my Birthday Special for my Marathon Girl running tops! The sale is still running – but these are the result after 6 days (screen shots below).

Now keep in mind a couple of things when you see this: this is my part-time business. I spent about an hour putting together the campaign and I pay others to do the dispatch and fulfilment! So my time investment is VERY little!

Sales: $2105

Ad Spend: $213.82

Ave cost per sale: $4.65

Net Profit Approx: $1550

MG Shop stats birthday special

Some other observations:

#1 – I was testing on a cold audience – PI (interest based), in fact, I was basically using this campaign for lead generation and testing..I know for every sale I get, I can easily upsell to training and nutrition programs, as well as a new membership site I have put together.

#2 – I also ran an ad-set to a warm audience. You will see this is called a WA in the screenshot of my ads. Take a look at the Cost Per Conversion and Number of conversions from this warm website audience.

MG FB AD Campaign Birthday Special

* * * (Proof that Facebook Remarketing ROCKS) * * *

#3 – One last thing for you observant folks – there’s a difference in the conversion total between FB and actual sales. This is because the custom conversion pixel I am using to track conversions tracks each VISIT to the “Thank You” page – but it doesn’t take into account people who purchase more than one top.

I don’t tell you this to brag (okay, maybe a little) – but to reveal that this is the reality of what Facebook marketing can do for you.

This is a process, it’s something that each and every one of you can do.

All you need to do is follow through.

K x