Are you still using these out-of-date FB marketing techniques?

Posted by Kerry Fitzgibbon

I talk to lots of business owners struggling to get results with their Facebook advertising. Generally it’s because they’re using outdated techniques. Remember, Facebook changes constantly – it’s critical you stay up to date, or risk wasting time and money.

At my upcoming event I’ll be showing you how to do Facebook the RIGHT way – and yes it’s changed majorly since my last workshop. Here’s the link to book your place at the “How to use Facebook to Grow Your Business” workshop if you haven’t yet done so:

So, here are the top 4 out-of-date tactics I see business owners use:

  1. Running ads to get Likes on your page. This is a common one, as it used to be that building Likes meant more people would see your posts. These days, in order to get people see your posts it’s easiest to run ads – to whatever audience you choose. That leaves Likes being simply a “vanity metric”, ie something that makes the page owner feel good. With Likes getting more and more expensive (dollars rather than cents) a much more cost-effective way to build a following is to run video view ads. You can get video views for just a few cents each. Plus someone who has watched your video is probably more engaged than someone who has simply clicked Like. Once you’ve created a video view audience you can remarket to them with offers for your products and services, which leads to the next out-of-date tactic…
  2. Running ads only to cold audiences. A cold audience is people that are in your target market, but haven’t yet heard about your business. They are highly likely to be interested in your business once they find out about you. Yes it’s important to advertise to these people (using VIDEO ads for the reasons above). That’s what builds your community of raving fans. But if your ad sequence stops there, again you’re leaving loads of money on the table. REMARKETING to warm (interacted but not yet bought) and hot (buyers) audiences is the cheapest, highest converting advertising you can do. And there are loads of warm audiences to choose from – video views, custom audience of your database, website visitors, and page Likes. Yet time and again, these warm and hot audiences are neglected. Instead, people try and use the following tactic, with little success…
  3. Trying to sell to cold audiences. If someone hasn’t met you before, then greeting them with “Hi, please buy my stuff” is unlikely to be successful! Yet that’s what lots of people do with Facebook marketing – and then wonder why it doesn’t work. By taking a stepwise approach to your marketing, where you start by adding value to a cold audience to warm them up (again, video is a great way to do that), then remarketing to them with offers, then remarketing to your buyers to buy again is a much higher-converting, lower-cost strategy.
  4. And finally – not using Messenger marketing (or not using it correctly). Yes it’s something new to learn, but mastering Messenger Marketing really pays dividends. If you use a chat bot, you can essentially use Messenger just like an email autoresponder, and send out targeted messages to multiple clients at once. But unlike email marketing, open rates and click through rates for Messenger are HUGE. Compare this: the average open rate for emails is 18-20%, versus 70-90% for Messenger. The average click through rate for emails is 1-3%, versus 5-40% for Messenger. By the end of your marketing funnel, for the same number of visitors you get 35 TIMES more sales with Messenger than you do with email. Impressive, right? Yet SO few people are doing it. What an opportunity!

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