3 Great Reasons Why You Should Embrace Omni-Channel Chat Marketing In Your Business

Posted by Kerry Fitzgibbon


Chat is the future of Marketing!

The way people connect with businesses always mirrors the way people connect with each other.

Think about how you communicate? Do you use SMS? Messenger? email? Or actually pick up the phone and call someone?

I’ve just come back from the Conversations Conference in Austin, Texas and there were some major announcements about the future of marketing.

You can now send emails and text messages (SMS) to your messenger subscribers all from within the one Manychat platform!

This is super exciting news… here are 3 great reasons why this is important.

1: Omni-channel- targeting is the new black!

You might be asking, what is omni-channel targeting?

It basically allows an integrated seamless experience across multiple channels, devices and touch points.

What does this mean? Well you can engage with your customer on their preferred medium, whether it is messenger, sms or email, all within one app!! This will SAVE YOU TIME, build more ENGAGEMENT and INCREASE SALES!

2: You can email your Facebook messenger subscribers and bring them back to messenger to restart the 24 hour rule.

If you haven’t heard, Facebook is removing the follow up after 24 hours. So currently there is a 24 – 1 rule, which means you can message anyone within a 24 hour period of when they interacted with your bot, with any promotional material.

They are also removing subscription messaging except if you are an official news page.

Subscription messaging basically allows you to send a broadcast to your Messenger subscribers outside of the 24 hour window (non-promotional broadcast).

This is generally used to send content and re-engage your subscribers.

As of January 2020, this permission will only be available to News pages.

After that date you will need to pay to play outside the 24 hour period.

So being able to email your subscribers in one app will save you time and help you build better engagement, bigger ROI and customer retention.

3: Companies with omni-channel customer engagement strategies retain on average 89% of their customers compared to 33% percent who are not adopting the omni-channel strategy.

So what does all of this REALLY mean?…. you have other options you own your list and you don’t need to solely rely on Facebook!

You can send text messages (available in the USA now but rolling out to the rest of the world in coming months.) You can send email, available to everyone now AND soon you will be able to send iMessages.

So, whilst people communicate via different channels, businesses will be able to use difference chat apps to reach their customers.

It’s called chat marketing!

I want to give you a gift – do you want my video training on how to set this up?

Click below it opens up in messenger.