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Darren Hunter

“We’re breaking all records thanks to Kerry’s help with Facebook”

Kerry has been managing my Facebook marketing for about 6 months now.

As a property management trainer, speaker and consultant I’m always looking for ways to stand out in the Real Estate industry.

I’ve been running 7 national “Geared For Growth” events including Auckland NZ, together with Deniz Yusuf teaching how to grow your rent roll numbers. Before Kerry’s help we were unable to market our events successfully using Facebook.

Not anymore!

Thanks to Kerry I smashed through my goal of 200 registrants – we actually had over 450 people registered. In fact it was so successful that the first event in Brisbane sold out, and I had to run a second event there.

We’re breaking all records thanks to Kerry’s help with Facebook.

Lauren Clemett

Ultimate Business Propellor

“I’ve spent $180 on Facebook ads and it’s turned into thousands!”

I’m an author and speaker and I help people raise their authority. Last year my books became best sellers, so I’ve been doing the speaking circuit. But I was finding it hard to fill my workshops. As soon as Kerry switched on FB ads I had full workshops! I already had a database, and Kerry plugged that into FB and it all happened like magic. 

And the people that turn up to the workshops are the perfect audience. Even the look-alike audience is a perfect match. At my half day personal branding workshops I sell a membership program. With workshops filled from FB I’m getting an 80% conversion rate.

Sam Penny

Cheese Club

We do 90% of our Marketing on Facebook and Kerry’s Training is Brilliant

We are a Cheese Club. Once a month we send out box of amazing cheese to our members – Cheese that we source from all around the world.

Event though the business is only 5 months old we’re growing really fast. Last month we shipped half a tonne of cheese around Australia to our members. We do 90% of our Marketing on Facebook and our target market is women 25 to 40.

We also run cheese and wine events, and we promote the ticket sales as well as the Cheese Club on Facebook. We have over 1,000 people turn up each month to our events. We use Facebook to drive people to our website and capture their details with the Facebook tracking pixel. We then remarket to our website visitors.

Because we have a highly targeted audience, our FB ad costs have come right down. I learned the Facebook strategies we’ve used to grow the business from Kerry, and you can see we’ve gotten incredible results. Kerry’s training is absolutely bloody brilliant!

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