Lead Magnet Ideas to Build a Highly Qualified Subscriber List

Posted by Kerry Fitzgibbon

There is an old but true online marketing saying “the money is in the list” – meaning the money is in the collecting of emails or phone numbers or even better messenger subscribers.

A highly targeted/ qualified list is the lifeblood of anyone wanting create a long term, sustainable, scalable business.  If a brand has a good list, then they can go to market with new products and services a lot quicker.  If their main marketing channels dry up, they will always have their list.

However the quality of the list is key, meaning you need to have the right lead magnet, marketing message to attract the right type of lead for your business.  The higher the quality the more effective your marketing and sale efforts will be.

In this video I talk about the 5-P’s to consider if you want your audience opting in to your database: