Google+1 And SEO – Will There Be A Connection?

Posted by Kerry Fitzgibbon

Google always manages to create a huge noise on the internet when it rolls out a new product. This internet behemoth has created a huge buzz with the launch of its new social networking platform Google+ (also called Google Plus or very often simply Plus). Even though it is only in a beta version and you have to be invited to join it there are already 20 million visitors to the site and the numbers are growing. The...

Using Google+ For Online Businesses – Why We Think it’s a Good Idea

Posted by Kerry Fitzgibbon

If you are interested in what happens on the internet you would have heard that the internet giant Google is trying to muscle in on territory that currently belongs to Twitter and Facebook with the launch of its own social media platform. That Google+ (Google Plus), as this new entrant is known, has generated a lot of interest is a total understatement. This new social media platform is sometimes described as one...

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