Google+ – How Does It Compare With Other Social Networking Sites?

Posted by Kerry Fitzgibbon

I’ve had many people approach me lately asking why they should join Google+!! Most people are confused about why it is necessary in the first place? After all, doesn’t Facebook give people the best way to get in touch with people all over the world and doesn’t YouTube satisfy all of their needs for content sharing? At the same time, there is great interest in anything that Google launches because it puts the...

Google+ – Can It Really Benefit Your Business?

Posted by Kerry Fitzgibbon

Google+ has been launched by the internet giant Google in order to revolutionize the way in which people communicate with each other. It is currently offered as a beta version as a means of offering users an opportunity to get used to it. There are many benefits to using Google+ which brings together many of the strengths of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the like. However,  I am constantly being asked by business...

Understanding Google+ – Circles, Hangouts and Sparks

Posted by Kerry Fitzgibbon

The recent launch of Google+ (or Google Plus as it is also called) has created quite a stir because people are eager to see whether the internet giant is able to put its unmistakable stamp on social networking with this latest offering. Google+ is this company’s contribution to making connecting and networking on the internet easier than it currently is by removing a lot of the rigidity that many online tools...

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