Case Studies

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Keonie Moore – Naturopath – Owner of ReMed

Keonie is a Naturopath and owns a clinic. She also has a program for children with a particular syndrome called PANS. She came to Kerry’s Facebook Marketing Workshop and signed up for her 12 month program so she could market the clinic better but also help more parents and children with PANS. Within 3 months working with Kerry and her team Keonie had significantly increased the sales of her PANS program. She made $18.5K of extra income (outside of the clinical stuff) in 3-months… and best of all automated the process.

Fresher Bathrooms – Summar Bulmer-McAuliffe.

Summar had been following Kerry for a while before signing up for Facebook Marketing Retreat which she did online due to lockdowns. During the retreat she built out a campaign using Kerry’s Facebook Marketing system with the guidance of the team. In the week following from the campaigns set up at the retreat, they were booked out and had to get another ute on the road. Including 90 qualified leads and a $25K contract. Catching up with Summar 2-years later she said they are consistently getting $20-50K contracts simply by implanting what she learned at the retreat.

Pooch Portraits – Summar Bulmer-McAuliffe

After learning Kerry Fitzgibbon’s Facebook Marketing System, Summar implemented it in a new business. She went from a brand new business to 20 sales in 4-Days and on track to make $50K for the year with very little start-up costs and now website.

Second Home – Kin Cheung

Kin Cheung provides holiday homes for people with disabilities – the business is in the NDIS space. When he first joined Kerry Fitzgibbon’s program he had one holiday home and 2 staff members. Within 3 months working with Kerry and her team he achieved his sales target of $200K a month and the cost of enquiry was 10x cheaper.. He has since gone on to purchase another 5 homes in the past 2 years, and has 15 full-time employees and 40 contractors... He is super happy as he is able to help more people and families with disabilities!

Dene Black – Ritewood Decking

Within 2 months of joining Kerry Fitzgibbon’s Facebook marketing program the company went from word-of-mouth sales to being bombarded with leads and quoting 50K contracts. Over the past year they have gone on to expand both the supply and install sides of the business and opened up a bigger headquarters in Queensland.