About Kerry Fitzgibbon

For the last 10 years Kerry’s been working with businesses all over the world, helping them implement the very latest Facebook Kerry marketing strategies. As a former radio host and TV journalist, Kerry’s been involved in marketing and communication for over 20 years.

If you’ve met Kerry before you’ll know she’s a woman not to be messed with! This passionate, tenacious, and determined woman is a regular marathon runner, having completed 8 marathons with a personal best of 3 hours 21 mins. Never one to miss a marketing opportunity, she is the proud owner of the “Marathon Girl” sportswear brand, who’s logo is “Never mess with a woman who runs 42km just for fun”, which of course she promotes on Facebook.

Her other passions are shoes (with a PB of 47 pairs), and her 2 beautiful children, Teaghan and Kaeleb.

Lucky for many, Kerry applies her inexhaustible energy to learning about, applying and coaching others in Facebook Marketing.

Here are some of the things that Kerry teaches others:

  • How to rapidly generate hundreds of hot leads a day using Facebook marketing. Gone are the days when you need to spend hours every day on Facebook. Kerry will show you how, in just 20 minutes a day, you can double your opt-in rates, increase sales by up to 15-fold, and at the same time reduce your social media marketing spend by up to 90%.
  • Did you know that a person who joins your list from Facebook will buy 3 times as much as someone who comes from a Google search? It’s critical for every business to use Facebook marketing. Unfortunately most businesses are still doing Facebook Marketing the old way – and it’s costing them dearly.
  • And if you’re keen to put your learnings into place straight away, Kerry will give you the nuts-and-bolts of “how to implement Facebook the right way” in your business. Follow Kerry’s step-by-step, easy-to-follow formula for rapid marketing results.


  • We did Facebook Lives yesterday and they work, I just checked my emails and I have a sale of 10 Byron Echo bags as a direct result of the live…. Thanks Kerry this is so awesome.

    Bridget Chapman

  • Is something that would normally take 3 to 6 months to learn and we did it in 3 days with the help of Kerry and her team.

    Shane Wellard

  • The impact (from what I learned and did this weekend) will be seriously hundreds of thousands of dollars.. if you get the chance to be here move mountains, make sure you show up..

    Cydney O’Sullivan

  • I came because I wanted to grow my network marketing business… She (Kerry) showed us step-by-step how to get more leads and conversions so you can reach out to more people and find people for your business.

    Dr Cheng Bee Yip

  • I wanted to get more intensive training on FB marketing and Messenger Marketing. I had a massive breakthrough during the retreat due to Kerry and ended up with two sales as a result.

    Narelle Cave

  • It’s been a fantastic 3-days, we’ve learned so much, I learned a lot more than I expected… it put’s you 10 years ahead of the game really.. we are now in the 1% of people who are actually using Facebook correctly to market their business.

    Jon Cox