Using Google+ For Online Businesses – Why We Think it’s a Good Idea

If you are interested in what happens on the internet you would have heard that the internet giant Google is trying to muscle in on territory that currently belongs to Twitter and Facebook with the launch of its own social media platform. That Google+ (Google Plus), as this new entrant is known, has generated a lot of interest is a total understatement. This new social media platform is sometimes described as one which looks a bit like Facebook but works a little like Twitter. Even though it is currently available in a beta version only, it already has more than 20 million users and the numbers just keep on climbing.

Facebook and Twitter users are creating Google+ accounts as well because this platform offers them a lot of the features of Facebook and Twitter without the disadvantages and also adds many more useful features. What remains to be seen in whether Plus will be able to help online entrepreneurs promote their businesses. As of now, Google+ is not available to businesses because people who sign up cannot create business profiles. The company insists that all user profiles be based on real names because its objective is to connect real people. However, online marketers are advised to become very familiar with this platform because it seems Google will be rolling out branded/business pages over the next few months after more testing with selected businesses.

Business owners are looking at Google+ with keen interest because even in the short space of time it’s been up and running statistics already indicate that it is a very effective referrer of online traffic. A recent “Social Media Showdown” case study compiling web analytics for for one week in July had interesting results:

“Google+, despite only being around for 1 month – and even then, being released in a limited “field testing” mode, drove more traffic to our blog than LinkedIn – it was roughly a third of our Facebook traffic and over half of our Twitter traffic. This was a huge surprise given how many Facebook fans and Twitter followers we’ve accumulated over the last several years, and given that at the time of this writing, I don’t even have a company presence on Google+ yet, or any Google +1 buttons on our website.” –

Many more websites are keeping track of how many referrals they get from Google+ in order to gauge how effective it will be in the long run.

There also seems to be a great likelihood that Google+ will play an important role on how search results are indexed and what ranking a particular URL gets in search results. Google has not yet given any indication that this will be a significant factor but the +1 button that it includes practically everywhere should give online marketers a hint of what direction this company will take. Google is also releasing advertisements asking for beta testers for its online business service called Business Pages.

Google has had a few duds in the recent past such as Buzz and Wave, but you cannot deny the fact that this company puts the entire weight of its immense resources behind new launches.

If you are an online marketer then it is certainly in your best interest to become familiar with Google+. You should start building your networks (or circles, as they are called in this case) so that you can start using them to promote your business when Plus is finally made available to business managers and entrepreneurs to promote their businesses.

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