Introduction to Google+ For Businesses

Google+ has recently allowed businesses and brands to join its social network and set up individual pages separate from the business owners (or administrators) personal pages. What does this mean for your business? Essentially, Google+ is another way to expand your business’ sphere of influence to reach even more potential clients. Much like Facebook, Google+ helps you to build a social media presence for your company, so you can offer information and develop a rapport with visitors, many of whom may eventually become clients.

Getting Started
If you own a business or brand and already have a personal Google+ account you can simply go to the Create a Page tool to get started. If you don’t have a Google+ account it takes just a few minutes to open one.  You will be asked to select a category (local business, product/brand, company/organization, arts/entertainment/sports, or other). If you have a physical location (rather than being strictly a web or online-based business) then you can enter address and phone number information, which will be provided to local consumers who land on your Google+ page along with a map so they can easily find you.

How it Works
When a web user comes across your Google+ page through search engine results they will have the option to “+1” your page. They can also add it to their “Circle” so others within their circle can see it. To put it in Facebook terms, a +1 is equivalent to a “like”, while adding a site to a circle is the same as becoming a fan. Either way, both actions increase your online reputation as well as increasing your reach. Having a Google+ page will also increase the search engine results for your website – something that is vital to forging a business relationship with web users.

Interlinking your Google+ page allows visitors to easily visit your website from your Google+ page, and vice versa. You can add a badge or button to your website by using its Badge Maker program, and you can link from Google+ to your website by following the tutorials found here. Remember that you want to keep visitor on your pages (whether Google+ or your website) for as long as possible to increase the chance of conversion.

The more time you spend fleshing out your Google+ page, the more results your will have. Add appropriate keywords and descriptions to increase search engine traffic. Also include images and videos if possible – it may not seem important but it does have an effect on user interaction and retention, as well as search engine results.

Setting up a Google+ page only takes a few minutes, and will work to give your company increased reputability, as well as providing an additional online location for browsers to learn about your business and what you offer.

About The Author

Kerry Fitzgibbon

A social media strategist who loves helping others make money using social media. A trainer, author, coach and speaker - Kerry is passionate about social media marketing and in her spare time marathon running.