Google+1 And SEO – Will There Be A Connection?

Google always manages to create a huge noise on the internet when it rolls out a new product. This internet behemoth has created a huge buzz with the launch of its new social networking platform Google+ (also called Google Plus or very often simply Plus). Even though it is only in a beta version and you have to be invited to join it there are already 20 million visitors to the site and the numbers are growing. The feedback about Plus seems to be very positive which is hardly surprising considering Google has put in a lot of effort to give it features that Facebook and Twitter do not have. Internet marketers and brand managers are also studying it with a great amount of interest in order to find out of it can be of any use to them.

One area that is of particular interest to online marketers is whether there will be any connection between Google+ and SEO. Most marketers are obsessed with the search engine ranking of their websites and rightly so because this indicates how easy it is to find the website. There is only a slim chance that a person will visit the site if it is not on the first page or at least the second page of search engine results.

There has always been a connection between a topic’s popularity on sites such as Facebook and Twitter and its position on search engine results page. Google has a handy +1 button that lets people indicate whether they “like” a particular page. There is no clear guidance from Google regarding whether a page that has many +1s will appear higher on search engine pages but it seems inconceivable that this will not be the case after some time. As it is, it is pretty hard to avoid the +1 button because it has become very ubiquitous on Google search engine results. As a matter of fact, there are indications that Google will create a +1 button that webmasters can put on their pages. This is being done so that visitors to your site can recommend your content without even having to leave your site.

Another interesting thing that one should point out is that Google pays great attention to the quality of content when it comes to deciding search engine results. It won’t be a surprise at all if the company collects data on how many +1 clicks a page receives in order to determine its search engine ranking.

As a webmaster or an internet marketer, you need to watch developments on Google+ very closely so that you can be well informed about the ways in which you can do SEO better. The internet is a medium that is constantly changing and only people who know how to adapt to these changes properly and quickly have a chance of survival. Make sure that you get plenty of familiarity with Google+ so that you can use this powerful tool to boost search engine rankings of your web pages.

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