Google+ – How Does It Compare With Other Social Networking Sites?

I’ve had many people approach me lately asking why they should join Google+!! Most people are confused about why it is necessary in the first place? After all, doesn’t Facebook give people the best way to get in touch with people all over the world and doesn’t YouTube satisfy all of their needs for content sharing? At the same time, there is great interest in anything that Google launches because it puts the weight of its immense resources to develop new products. This social networking platform is said to combine the best features of Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites while doing away with the drawbacks.

There are a couple of significant features to Google+ I’ve noticed over the past few weeks of intense immersion into the depths of the plus revolution. One of the most important factors that Google+ takes care of is the privacy of individual users. As a user, you will be able to control your privacy settings with a great amount of ease. Although it might take a bit of time initially I thoroughly recommend you take full advantage of sorting out your “Circles.”

This feature allows you to compartmentalize your contacts whether it be friends, acquaintances, celebrities etc.. so you  click and drag names of your friends etc into groups (Circles) you have assigned them to. You can then decide which circles updates go to.

One of the biggest problems that Facebook users have faced is how to resolve privacy issues and there are many instances of people getting into problems because of the ease with which information is made available. Facebook does have a feature called Lists that enable you to choose who gets your updates and whose updates you want to read but I have found this not as easy to use.

Google+ scores over Facebook and other social networking sites by offering an amazing videoconferencing facility through a feature called “Hangouts”. You can talk to up to 10 people at a time using this feature. However, Google might overcome this disadvantage by signing up with Skype to provide video calling facility to its members.

If Google+ has a major drawback it is that this social networking platform is not currently made available to businesses yet. Facebook and Twitter, on the other hand, are very popular with businesses because they provide business managers with many opportunities to interact with customers and promote their products and services. Google+ does not have this concept of fans or followers.

Twitter is very popular because the messages are short and concise. However, this is also its biggest drawback because people might sometimes need more information. The general consensus is that while you get more information on Twitter you will get better quality information of Google+. It is also very difficult to maintain privacy over Twitter without missing out on all the action.
Google+ has not yet become mainstream and the company is busy removing the many glitches that early users have found. However, it seems likely that it will give Facebook and Twitter something to worry about. The interface of Google+ is also very attractive and the apps are very useful. Lots of people who are already on these social networking sites are signing up for Google+ as well and it remains to be seen if they will leave one for the other.

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