How to Track a Website Custom Audience – Facebook

How to add a Facebook Website Custom Audience – retargeting pixel to your website. This little pixel tracks website visitors who are also Facebook users – and builds an audience so you can serve ads to them on Facebook.  This audience is a warm audience so it’s easier to market to them as they have […]

Facebook Graph Search rolling out to Mobile Users

Facebook’s newest update makes it more imperative than ever for businesses to have a presence on Facebook, especially local businesses! The Facebook Search Graph is being rolled out to all mobile users over the next few weeks a really positive move for Facebook in terms of securing local business! Social Media Strategist and Trainer Kerry […]

The New Facebook Ad Sets Explained

Facebook has gone and made changes again to its ad set up. These changes apply to Facebook’s ads manager and Power Editor. I have put together this video lesson to show you exactly what Ad Sets are inside Facebook and how you can use them to run ads and get the maximum return on investment […]

Introduction to Google+ For Businesses

Google+ has recently allowed businesses and brands to join its social network and set up individual pages separate from the business owners (or administrators) personal pages. What does this mean for your business? Essentially, Google+ is another way to expand your business’ sphere of influence to reach even more potential clients. Much like Facebook, Google+ […]