New Facebook “Call Now” Feature for Local Businesses

Facebook Call to Action button

Facebook has just introduced a new “Call Now” Call-to action-button for local businesses. This new feature will allow businesses to promote their products or services in the newsfeed and have their customers contact them with just a push of a button straight from the advert. So now when you run a local awareness advert in […]

Facebook’s latest News Feed Changes and Impact on Business Pages

Yep Facebook is doing it again…. Many of you may be aware that Facebook has been making some major changes to its platform, including ads manager and newsfeed algorithm in a bid for both a better user experience and better business experience. Unfortunately it is hard to please both parties especially in this latest change. […]

Facebook Location Based Targeting

Facebook Location Targeting FeatureOMG Facebook just keeps getting better for businesses!  This latest feature is fantastic for the tourist industry, pretty much anyone who targets tourist in a certain location, amongst other things.So Facebook has always had location based targeting, but now they have just introduced location based targeting segmentation.  You can now choose to target: - Everyone [...]

How to Track a Website Custom Audience – Facebook

How to add a Facebook Website Custom Audience – retargeting pixel to your website. This little pixel tracks website visitors who are also Facebook users – and builds an audience so you can serve ads to them on Facebook.  This audience is a warm audience so it’s easier to market to them as they have […]

Facebook Graph Search rolling out to Mobile Users

Facebook’s newest update makes it more imperative than ever for businesses to have a presence on Facebook, especially local businesses! The Facebook Search Graph is being rolled out to all mobile users over the next few weeks a really positive move for Facebook in terms of securing local business! Social Media Strategist and Trainer Kerry […]